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Conservatory Roofing

Does your Conservatory need a new roof!

We can install a new conservatory roof for you, using a variety of roofing materials to suit you and your budget.

We removed the old polycarbonate roof and replaced it with a lightweight tiled roof system complete with a dry ridge system

also incorporating a more solid framework and breathable membrane plus treated wooden battens.

Types & Colour

There are a variety of types of conservatory roofing as well as a variety of colours.

Polycarbonate roofing - This type of conservatory roofing was extremely popular and is still used today.  It is made of a thermoplastic clear material which is both lightweight and can withstand temperatures of heat and cold.  While it does look aesthetically pleasing to the eye it does not provide any heat in the winter and is not sound proof.


Today, more and more people are choosing a light weight type of roofing system, that also does not require any planning permission and is fully functional, aesthetically pleasing and practical.

The 'Decra' roofing system is lightweight, looks good and is economical as well as functional.  It is used for conservatory roofs as well as roofs with a slight pitch such as garages and small buildings.

It is a secure type of lightweight roofing.