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Are you looking for professional roofing contractors? 

At Dry Tech Roofing Solutions provides an extensive range of solutions to your roofing needs.  Whether you're worried about your roof tiles needing repairs or you'd like to add windows to your roof space or you're looking to replace your entire roof, we at Dry Tech Roofing Solutions are ready to help.


With many years experience and a commitment to providing an amazing service for every customer, it's easy to see why we are your first choice when it comes to roofing solutions.

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Free estimates on request
Friendly Staff
Outstanding On-Site Code
Experienced staff
Quality Finish
Free, no-obligation quotes
Quick and efficient Workers
Personal Service

Spots that leak, such as this one:



Our Customers Say...

"Jamie and team were good workers, high standard of work completed. Very happy and would definitely recommend." - Carl Hogan

"Very pleased with work done/ Informed all the way through and did photos to show me. On time and courteous. Highly recommend. Have recommended already." - Mr. Lomas

Find more examples on our feedback page, or leave your own.

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We install the following guttering types; Ogee, Half Round, Deep flow, Square. Check out the Gutter Hedgehog too.

Re-Roofing Services

Ignoring an issue with your roof can lead to more severe issues which can quickly escalate the price of the ending cost.

Don't delay, contact Dry Tech Roofing Solutions today, and ask about our full-on re-roofing service.

Roofing Repair Services

At Dry Tech Roofing Solutions we offer a range of different styles and colours that can be used on your new roof.

For all roofing repairs and upgrades, contact Dry Tech Roofing Solutions.


Make sure you catch the damaged roofline early so it doesn't cause too much damage.


Call us and we will be with you as soon as possible to fix your problem.

We use the best suppliers so that all of our customers always get the best results.


All of our services are offered at reasonable prices so that it will fit in your budget.
Call us with enquires.

A door canopy is a practical and stylish addition to any front door entrance.

These combine with the front door area of your home offer a great solid porch awning feature for protection from rain, sleet, snow and strong sunlight.

Dry Fixes provide stronger protection against the elements than mortar, giving a long term maintenance free solution.

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What u Seek

Customer Feedback



Good Workers


Jamie and team were good workers, high standard of work completed. Very happy and would definitely recommend.

- Carl Hogan


On Time and Courteous


Very pleased with work done/ Informed all the way through and did photos to show me. On time and courteous. Highly recommend. Have recommended already.

Mr. Lomas


Best House in the Street


Whole roof, guttering and cladding done. Completely changed the look of the house from the worse in the street to the best. Fantastic work/ people. High standard of finish, no waiting and a lovely bunch of guys. Would recommend them to anyone.

- Loretta Ford


Quality and Professionalism


I am very pleased with the quality and professionalism of the way the boys worked in fitting my new roof. An excellent job done

- M. Humphries



The workmen are friendly and very efficient and do a grand job. I'd recommend Jaime and his team to anyone and would have them back at my address whenever the need arises.

-Ken Snape


Clean and Tidy Workers


Jamie and team were clean and tidy workers, very professional. Would use again and recommend to anyone.

- Michael Westley


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