Dry Verge

Dry Verge is the perfect low maintenance, weather proof and pest proof finishing touch to any roof specially designed to neaten up roof edges and block up any gaps that could possibly allow infestation into the roof.

British Standards

British Standards state that no reliance should be placed on the shear strength of mortar used in the filling and bedding.

Mortar will eventually crack. By contrast, our Dry Fix systems are mechanically fixed, with each unit individually screwed into place. With the next unit interlocking giving extra strength and hiding the screws offering themaximum protection against strong wind and water penetration giving you a long term protection with a neat, attractive appearance and with none of the ongoing costs associated with mortar.

Providing exceptional resistance to water penetration, the system is extremely fast and easy to fit, no special tools, or skills, are required.
There is no need for mortar, making the job of fixing the ridge quick, easy and clean, as well as making it possible during frosts and other adverse weather conditions.

With no need for mortar the dry ridge system has low maintenance meaning you don't have to add more mortar every few months. 
The system is compatible with most makes of concrete round and angled ridge tiles and most slate, flat concrete and profiled tiles. It can be fitted to the ridge of any duo pitch roof which has a pitch between 15 and 45 degrees.

We can install and replace new dry roofing systems.
Repairing is also available so if any of your dry roofing systems get damaged we can easily repair and fix them.
We will remove the old dry ridge and/or dry verge and make sure that all damaged parts of the roof are fixed and safe.

Dry Fix Roofing Systems have many benefits, they are:

  • Strong and durable 
  • Simple and fast to install
  • Two kits available for use with Double Roman, Edgemere, Duo Edgemere, Ludlow Major, Mendip, Modern, Duo Modern and Wessex interlocking tiles
  • Mechanically fixed 
  • Emulates appearance of traditional verge
  • Suitable for use with verges without bargeboard
  • If repairing a verge consider the use of the Universal batten extension to allow trouble free conversion to dry fix 
  • Weathertight and maintenance free